Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

Webinar 'Which Perspectives for Labour Migration Partnerships in the Prague Process region? Lessons from EU funded Pilot Projects on Legal Migration'

Thursday, 15 April 2021, 10:30 - 12:00

Location: remote

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The Prague Process webinar ‘Which Perspectives for Labour Migration Partnerships in the Prague Process region? Lessons from EU funded Pilot Projects on Legal Migration’ with Mr. Marco Funk, International Relations Officer, International Strategy Unit of DG HOME, European Commission, Mr. Mario Lelovsky, Director of the Digital Coalition Slovakia, and Ms. Diana Stefanescu, Project Specialist – Labour Migration, ICMPD, will take place on 15 April 2021 at 10:30 CET.

The webinar will shed light on the EU’s past and future engagement and planning for labour migration initiatives with partner countries. Speakers will present key lessons learned from EU funded labour mobility initiatives, provide a general overview of the European Commission’s new Talent Partnerships concept announced in the New EU Pact on Migration and Asylum, and outline next steps envisaged for their operationalization. The webinar will also highlight plans for the first EU-funded labour mobility pilot project to be implemented in the Eastern Partnership region (between Slovakia and Moldova) - a possible starting point for more and deeper cooperation on the topic in the region?

Please register for the event through the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_oYVBqu9sRKuP79lJa-Ne6Q. You will receive the link to the virtual room, as soon as your registration is approved.

The webinar will be held in English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian. The approximate duration will be 1,5 hours. The event will be carried out via Zoom and can be accessed directly through your browser, following the link received. Should you have not received the confirmation email with the link, please do the following:

  1. On 15 April, go to the event registration page, fill out the form indicating your email address and submit the data.
  2. Scroll down the page until you see the link at the bottom. By following this link, you will be able to join the event.

The interventions of the speakers will be followed by a Q&A session.

Time: 15 April, 10:30 AM CET (Berlin time), 11:30 AM (Moscow time) or 02:30 PM (Nur-Sultan time)


Mr. Mario Lelovsky - Director of the Digital Coalition Slovakia, Vice-president of the IT Association in Slovakia (ITAS), and Vice-president of the Slovak National Union of Employers (NUE). Digital Coalition and ITAS have implemented a labour and student mobility programme between Ukraine and Slovakia, and will be part of “Talents for Moldova”, an innovative circular mobility scheme in the ICT sector between Slovakia and Moldova.

Mr. Marco Funk - International Relations Officer, International Strategy Unit of DG Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME), European Commission. His previous experience includes migration policy-related roles at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, European Policy Centre, EU Institute for Security Studies and IOM. He holds a Master in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris and a Bachelor in Political Science from the University of Central Florida.

Ms. Diana Stefanescu - Project Specialist – Labour Migration, ICMPD. In her function with ICMPD’s Mobility Partnership Facility, Diana has accompanied the implementation of the EU-funded pilot projects on legal migration in close cooperation with DG HOME. A political scientist by training, she previously worked for the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, and in the private and non-profit sectors in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and the US.