Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

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The current Prague Process management structure encompasses the Senior Officials’ meetings, the Ministerial Conferences, the network of National Contact Points, and the Strategic Group.

The National Contact Points’ network facilitates the daily cooperation at expert level and agrees on the expert meetings required for the implementation of the activities envisaged in the Action Plan.

Senior Officials' Meetings are organised at least once a year to prepare the ground for Ministerial Conferences, to monitor the implementation of ongoing actions and evaluate the impact of completed actions, as well as to prepare decisions or recommendations for decisions on future policy directions.

Ministerial Conferences are organised to evaluate the results achieved and to decide on the future strategic orientation of the Prague Process.

After the period of leadership by the Czech Republic (2009-2010) and Poland (2011-2017), Senior Officials agreed to establish the Strategic Group (SG) of the Prague Process, which is composed of a limited number of states with a rotating Chairmanship. Established in autumn 2017, this joint management body is currently composed of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and Poland. The acting Presidency of the Council of the EU, the European Commission and the Prague Process Secretariat complete the composition of the Strategic Group. ICMPD continues in its function of Prague Process Secretariat, responsible for preparing SG meetings and for implementation of the decisions and recommendations put forward by the Strategic Group.

The Strategic Group fulfils the following main responsibilities:

  • Preparing the ground and concrete documents for SOM decision on the main priority topics for the coming year, thereby ensuring strategic guidance of the Prague Process and its implementation in line with the Ministerial mandate.
  • Contribute to the active promotion of the Prague Process as a key inter-governmental dialogue.
  • Ensure coordination with other platforms in order to avoid overlapping and duplication of activities.
  • Promote the principles of voluntary basis, non-binding and non-political character of the Prague Process states’ involvement and their participation on equal footing.
  • Explore possibilities for funding or fundraising with the objective to carry out concrete actions in the interest of the Prague Process participating states.
  • Agree on the Prague Process’ annual work plan and prepare for SOM decision. Whenever necessary, introduce modifications to the work plan as well as the format and content of the respective activities.
  • Take stock of past achievements in terms of implementation and discuss actions envisaged for the upcoming implementation period.

The SG will meet at least once but preferably twice per year with the aim to prepare the content of the annual Senior Officials´ Meeting.

Prague Process is
a targeted migration dialogue and a policy process promoting migration partnerships among the countries of the European Union, Schengen area, Eastern Partnership, Western Balkans, Central Asian, as well as Türkiye.
The Process unites 47 states
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