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Border management Human Trafficking Irregular Migration Labour migration Legal migration International protection Human Smuggling Return Reintegration Integration
Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings
2hr 32min
Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings
Instructors: Melita Gruevska-Graham, Madis Vainomaa, Edgar Federzoni , Ivanka Hainzl, Sanja Milenkovikj Bojadjieva
Identification and Profiling at the Border
1hr 56min
Identification and Profiling at the Border
Instructors: Monika Weber, Elena Petreska
Labour Migration
1hr 27min
Labour Migration
Instructors: Rainer Münz
Return and Reintegration
3hr 38min
Return and Reintegration
Instructors: Joris Kennis , Glen Swan
Integrated Border Management
2hr 44min
Integrated Border Management
Instructors: Alexander Maleev, Irina Lysak, Dariia Skovliuk, William Huddleston
A Holistic Approach to the Integration of Migrants and Refugees
20 hr
A Holistic Approach to the Integration of Migrants and Refugees
University for Continuing Education Krems, Austria

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