Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

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About the course

Integrated Border Management

This e-course on Integrated Border Management (IBM) is the result of collaboration between the Prague Process and the ICMPD Border Management and Security Programme. A wide range of IBM-related subjects, from definitions to the development of a national IBM Strategy and Action Plan, are covered in this intermediate-level course.  It aims to provide knowledge on IBM, its details and challenges in order to improve state actors’ capacities to comprehend, manage and utilise essential elements. Moreover, the course raises awareness on such issues as fundamental rights protection and migration management that go hand in hand with border management. Beyond the essentials, this e-course addresses other aspects, such as corruption and training that are crucial for the day-to-day operations of border management agencies.

This e-course features four ICMPD trainers presenting the material.

What you will learn

  • What Integrated Border Management is and why it is important
  • Who the key actors of IBM are and what responsibilities they have
  • IBM guidelines
  • Intraservice, inter-agency and international cooperation in IBM
  • European Border and Coast Guard (Frontex)
  • Developing and implementing a national IBM Strategy and Action Plan
  • Migration management within border management
  • Fundamental rights protection at the border
  • Use of state-of-art technology
  • Border control and risk analysis; quality control and crisis management in IBM
  • Addressing corruption in border management
  • Training and IBM in Practice

What is included

  1. Course quizzes
  2. Certificate of completion


Alexander Maleev

Alexander Maleev

Senior Project Manager, ICMPD

Alexander Maleev, Senior Project Manager at the Prague Process Secretariat, joined the ICMPD Brussels mission in 2011. After providing trainings on migration to EU Delegations within the External Thematic Expertise on Migration (ETEM) project, he joined the Prague Process Secretariat in Vienna in 2012. Alexander was initially responsible for the implementation of several Pilot Projects within the Prague Process Targeted Initiative (2012-2017) before taking a lead in conceptualising, realising, and developing the Migration Observatory and Training Academy established in 2018. Following the 4th Ministerial Conference of the Prague Process, Alexander has been managing the fourth phase of Prague Process cooperation and implementation of the Action Plan 2023-2027. Alexander holds an MA in Social Anthropology (University of Vienna) and a postgraduate degree in EU Political and Administrative Studies (College of Europe). Taking an influential role in the successful implementation of over 100 Prague Process activities in all thematic areas over the past decade, he has wide ranging expertise on migration, asylum and border management in Europe and beyond.  

Irina Lysak

Irina Lysak

Project Manager, ICMPD

Irina Lysak, joint MA in Global Studies, currently serves as a Project Manager within the Prague Process Secretariat. Leveraging over a decade of experience in migration, she leads the research activities of the Prague Process Migration Observatory, while also spearheading initiatives aimed at enhancing institutional capacities through the Prague Process Training Academy. With profound regional experience in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, she has developed key expertise in legal (labour) migration, as well as data analysis and research to support evidence-based migration policymaking.

Dariia Skovliuk

Dariia Skovliuk

Junior Project Officer, ICMPD

Dariia Skovliuk, MA, MAIS, currently works as a Junior Project Officer within the Prague Process Secretariat at ICMPD. Dariia’s professional efforts intertwine the policies on facilitation of legal migration and labour mobility, the integration of migrants, the fight against irregular migration and the enhancement of asylum and protection systems, aiming to harness migration as a force for positive development. Educated at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the Institute of International Relations in Kyiv, she has a robust background in international relations, international law, and economic policies. Prior to ICMPD, her work experience spans several esteemed diplomatic missions in Vienna, covering diplomatic work, academic research, and coordination with international organisations. Additionally, her involvement in activities such as project management, debating societies and international competitions underscore her proactive and engaged approach to professional development. Dariia is multilingual, fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German and possessing proficiency in several other languages.

William Huddleston

IBM specialist, Silk Routes, ICMPD