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About the course

A Holistic Approach to the Integration of Migrants and Refugees

The e-course 'A Holistic Approach to the Integration of Migrants and Refugees' is a comprehensive course designed to provide a 360-degree perspective on the multifaceted dimensions surrounding the integration of migrants and refugees. The course was developed by MIEUX+ Initiative (MIgration EU eXpertise),which was funded by the EU and implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development.

This e-course aims to equip policymakers seeking to deepen their understanding of migrant integration dynamics with the knowledge on how to develop effective integration strategies. It offers an extensive exploration into the various approaches EU member states use to integrate migrants and refugees. The course features detailed case studies from multiple countries (i.e. Austria, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Malta, Lithuania etc.), including Barcelona's reception services and Estonia's national integration plans, providing insights into successful policies and practices. By the end of this course, participants will grasp the critical elements of integration systems and learn how to tailor policies to enhance the success of migrant inclusion initiatives.

This e-course comprises 18 dynamic modules, designed for completion within a 20-hour timeframe. The course encompasses text elements, videos and quizzes. It is supplemented with background reading and thought-provoking questions to facilitate self-reflection.

Do you want to take the course? 

The Prague Process states and partners can enrol in the course by expressing interest and providing the following details: name, surname, country, and professional affiliation (e.g., State Migration Service). This information should be submitted to the Prague Process Secretariat at pragueprocess@icmpd.org. The Secretariat will facilitate access to the course, which is hosted on the Moodle Platform of the Training Institute on Migration Capacity Partnership for the Mediterranean. Each trainee who expresses interest will receive credentials to access the course, which will remain valid for one month.

What you will learn

  • Different dimensions of the integration of migrants and refugees
  • Basics of the European Union Member States integration systems
  • Key elements of the integration systems and their links to other policy fields
  • Success factors of promising initiatives and practices related to the different dimensions of integration
  • Essential elements to be taken into account when developing integration policies


The content for each module has been prepared by academics from the University for Continuing Education Krems, Austria, and reviewed by the ICMPD.