Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

Our Instructors

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    Monika Weber
    Senior Advisor in the Border Management and Security Programme

    Monika Weber joined ICMPD in 2009 and is currently a Senior Advisor in the Border Management and Security Programme. She started her career with the Czech Police in 1994 and was later seconded to the UN mission. Her portfolio ranges from border management, immigration issues and document security to asylum and combatting trafficking in human beings. Since 2003, she has been carrying trainings and delivering presentations in numerous international fora on border management

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    Rainer Münz
    Advisor on Migration and Demography

    Rainer Münz was Adviser on Migration and Demography at the European Strategy Policy Centre (EPSC), the in-house think tank advising European Commission President J.C. Juncker during his time in office (2014-2019).  Prior to joining the European Commission, he was the Head of Research and Development at Erste Group, a Central European retail bank headquartered in Vienna. He was Senior Fellow at the European think tank Bruegel (Brussels), the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) and at the Migration Policy Institute (MPI, Washington DC). He also worked as a consultant for the European Council, the OECD and the World Bank. Until 2004, Rainer Münz had an academic career as a researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and at the Department of Mathematics of Finance/TU Vienna, as well as a tenured university professor at Humboldt University, Berlin.

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    Elena Petreska
    Anti-Trafficking Specialist

    Elena Petreska is Anti-Trafficking Specialist at the ICMPD Anti-Trafficking Programme. Over the past 12 years, she has been involved in various anti-trafficking projects, aiming to enhance the transnational cooperation on trafficking cases, build capacities and support national authorities in developing their anti-trafficking response. Elena is also conducting qualitative research in various ICMPD initiatives