Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

The Prague Process Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM), constituting the fourth preparatory SOM for the 3rd Ministerial Conference, took place in Bratislava on 19 September 2016, gathering 79 participants from 38 states, the European Commission Directorate General for Home Affairs (DG Home), the Council of the European Union, European External Action Service (EEAS), Frontex, as well as ICMPD and UNHCR.

The 10th issue of the Prague Process Quarterly Review, which covers the period April - June 2016,  reports on the Final Seminar of the Pilot Project 7 on Asylum and International Protection, presents the main outcomes of the Cracow Senior Officials' Meeting, provides with an overview of the completed Pilot Projects 5 to 7, and shortly introduces the migration situation and the key statistics of the Republics of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, more on which our readers can find from the published Migration Profiles Light. The new issue of the Quarterly Review, as well as all previous issues, is available for download in English and in Russian. To see all issues please go to the section "Quarterly Review" under News & Events.

The third Prague Process Ministerial Conference, held by the Slovak Presidency on 20 of September in Bratislava, resulted in the adoption of the Joint Declaration, which gave a mandate to the Process for the years 2017 - 2021.

The Final Joint Declaration as endorsed by the Heads of the Prague Process participating states is now available for download in English and in Russian.

On 20 September the third Prague Process Ministerial Conference was held in Bratislava under the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU. Gathered at the Conference Ministers, Chairmen of migration services and high level officials reassured their commitment to the Process, addressed the most pressing migration issues and have moved towards decisions which have the strength to positively shape tomorrow's migration policies. 

Following the agreement reached during  the Senior Officials’ Meeting (Budapest, July 2015) last year on publication of the developed Migration Profiles even if official endorsement has not been obtained within a period of three months after a formal submission to migration authorities of given state, as many as five Migration Profiles Light of the Republic of Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation were published on the Prague Process website.

All five profiles have been prepared by the Secretariat of the Prague Process based on the available public sources and, where applicable, information provided by a given state within PP TI activities, and are published as draft documents, which cannot be considered as reflecting the official position of the respective countries. Each country has a right to harmonise and update the profile in line with their national standards and requirements and submit the officially endorsed profile for publication.

All profiles are available for download in English and Russian in the section Migration Profiles, from the Overview table of the section Migration Profile Light, as well as from the general Document Repository. The Repository has a special 'migration profiles' icon at the top, which allows to swiftly filter the documents and find the needed Migration Profile. 

The Senior Officials´ Meeting of the Prague Process held in Cracow on 15-16 June gathered numerous representatives of the Prague Process participating countries. This represented a great opportunity to ask participants about their opinion on this intergovernmental platform and the Targeted Initiative, which helps to implement it and tackle on a practical level its priorities. What feedback have they provided? What positive do they see in the Prague Process? All their answers, ideas and thoughts were captured in a set of short video interviews, which are now available for viewing on our homepage, in the section Media and also on ICMPD YouTube channel. These messages represent a promise for the approaching 3rd Ministerial Conference, which will be held in Bratislava on 19-20 September 2016, and where the Ministers will have to decide in which direction the Process should move in the future.

As a final result of the recently finished Pilot Project 6 on Student mobility and the Pilot Project 7 on Asylum and International Protection, following the official endorsement at the Senior Officials' Meeting in Cracow on 15-16 of June 2016, the “Prague Process Handbook on Enhancing International Student Mobility” and the Handbook “Quality in Asylum Decision Making: Using Jurisprudence and Multidisciplinary Knowledge for Training Purposes” were published on the Prague Process and ICMPD websites.

Both documents were drafted in close cooperation with the respective leading states - Czech Republic & Hungary, Sweden & Germany -  and in consultation with the Prague Process participating states. Their format is of rather practical nature and should eventually serve for training purposes.

Both documents are available for download in the section Key/Programme Documents.

The Senior Officials’ Meeting gathered 62 participants from 29 states, as well as the European Commission, the Council of the EU, Frontex, UNHCR and ICMPD. The Meeting served the discussion of the past achievements, of the possible future activities and the preparations of the upcoming 3rd Ministerial Conference “Addressing Challenges Together”, taking place in Bratislava on 19-20 September 2016. At this occasion, Ministers are expected to endorse the Joint Declaration, which shall constitute a clear basis for future endeavours in the period 2017-2021. The SOM also provided the attending states with an opportunity to express their national priorities and the scope of their future commitment and support to the PP. The joint ownership of the Process is important and should be further sustained through a strong political message in the form of the Joint Ministerial Declaration, the content of which was extensively discussed in Cracow.

Following a number of consultations and further endorsement by the respective migration authorities the Migration Profiles Light 2015 of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan were published on the Prague Process website. The process of approval has been arranged in line with the agreed during the Senior Officials' Meeting (Budapest, 2015) methodology which gives each state a three-month period for provision of any feedback, followed by an official endorsement.

A special positive role in finalisation of both documents should be devoted to the Prague Process Expert missions to the Republics of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, which took place in August 2015. A close cooperation between the respective migration authorities and the Prague Process Support Team allowed to swiftly modify and harmonise both documents, and today we have an honor to share both profiles with you.

Both profiles are available for download in the section Migration Profiles, as well as from the Overview table of the section Migration Profile Light.


The 3rd Seminar of Pilot Project 7, that took place in Berlin on 20-22 of April 2016,  gathered 46 participants, including representatives of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Luxemburg, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine, as well as the three PP7 experts, national trainers from Germany, Sweden and Norway, EASO, UNHCR, ECRE and ICMPD. The thematic focus of the event was on exclusion, internal protection alternative, interview techniques and vulnerable groups. The event combined presentations on behalf of experts with interactive breakout sessions, including the discussion of concrete asylum cases on behalf of participants.