Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

Objective 2 of the Prague Process Targeted Initiative (PPTI) has released its very first reports: the German Migration Profile Light and a set of Guidelines for producing a Migration Profile Light. The Specific Objective 2 continues working on the results of the “Building Migration Partnerships” (BMP) project implemented in 2009-2011. The aim of this Objective is to maintain, update and further improve the BMP knowledge base, through gathering information in the form of Migration Profiles for Prague Process participating countries. While working on the updating and developing comprehensive Migration Profiles (developed in BMP), the PP TI has taken into account the feedback received from the Prague Process participating states and has proposed the concept of the Migration Profile Light. In comparison to the Extended Migration Profile, the Migration Profile Light should be a handy tool with a limited number of pages clearly indicating the areas of interest. The Migration Profile Light should aim at key priorities and challenges, easy annual updatability and standardised data for all countries involved.As Germany offered to test the concept by competing a Migration Profile Light, first such a Profile is the German available in the 2 official languages of the Prague Process – Russian and English. The Production Guidelines were developed by the Prague Process support team within ICMPD at the request of countries participating in the first “Workshop on Data Gathering and Analysis” organised on the 21-25 January 2013 in Florence, in the framework of the Specific Objective 2.The present guidelines are intended to serve as a reference document supporting the preparation of a national Migration Profile Light in order to reach data comparability and a quicker update of the information included in the Knowledge Base. The Production Guidelines are also available in both official languages of the Prague Process – English and Russian.