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18 January 2021


This is the full-length video recording of the 9th Prague Process webinar ‘From refugee crises to labour migration and back? Lessons for migration policies in the Western Balkans’ with Prof. Anna Krasteva, which took place on 17 December 2020.

To watch the short video, entailing only the presentation delivered by Prof. Krasteva please follow the link.

The webinar dived into the migration realities of the Western Balkan region torn between the urgency of refugee management and the legacy of forced migration on the one side, and the need to prioritize labour migration as a tool for national and regional development on the other side. Prof. Krasteva explained how and whether a labour migration policy could change the existing profile of the WB region, as well as provided related policy recommendations inspired by the EU’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum.


The webinar was organised by the Prague Process Secretariat at ICMPD