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Migration Curriculum

Explore the comprehensive Migration Curriculum, designed to meet the educational needs of both academia and professional training centers like the Regional Training Centre on Migration (RTCM) of the State Migration Service in Azerbaijan (SMS), as well as other related migration authorities and relevant non-state organizations. This curriculum is a product of the EU-funded MOBILAZE 2 project and has been carefully crafted based on the Migration Textbook to provide essential knowledge on migration management. 

The curriculum is structured into six detailed modules, providing learning opportunities in the following key areas of migration:

  1. Introduction to Migration – A foundational overview necessary for all participants.
  2. Migration Data and Data Management – Techniques and protocols for handling migration data effectively.
  3. Legal Aspects of Migration – Exploration of the legal frameworks governing migration.
  4. Migration Governance and Securitisation – Insight into the policies and security measures in migration.
  5. Migration Management in Azerbaijan and Neighbourhood Countries – Specific focus on regional migration issues and practices.
  6. Migrant Integration – Strategies and practices for the effective integration of migrants.

These modules are designed to be interdisciplinary, benefiting students and professionals dealing with migration. The curriculum emphasizes the integration of complex migration topics across five disciplines (Law, Social and Political Sciences, Economics, International Relations and Journalism), making it a vital tool for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of migration issues.

For more detailed descriptions of each module and information on curriculum downloads, please visit 

Preview and download the Migration Curriculum in English here.

Migration Textbook is available here.

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