Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

The Joint Kick-off Workshop on Pilot Project 2: Legal Migration and Pilot Project 3: Migration and Development was held in Budapest on 25-26 September 2012. The Workshop gathered representatives of 15 participating countries and experts from IOM, ICMPD, the University of Sussex and the EU Project “Consolidation of migration management capacities in the Republic of Moldova”.Pilot Project 2 (PP 2) aims to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between sending and receiving states, in particular with regards to the information provision to potential migrants and the promotion of labour matching. A first draft questionnaire, established by the leading state Hungary, was discussed with participants in view of its dissemination in 2013. The work plan for the two upcoming years was presented, featuring three workshops, two expert missions to non-EU countries and a study visit to an EU member state. Common interests and challenges were identified within a tour de table. The aim of PP2 is to produce a compilation of best practices, challenges faced and policy recommendations by 2014. Pilot Project (PP 3) is led by the Czech Republic and focuses on the concept of circular migration. The main objective of PP 3 is to gather the experiences of participating states in terms of circular migration and establish the way forward in the form of guidelines which should be produced by 2014. The focus will lie on practical issues, including the pre-departure phase, labour matching aspects, return and reintegration, the portability of social and pension rights, the regulation of recruitment procedures, and the developmental impacts of circular migration.  The overall objective of the Prague Process Targeted Initiative (PP TI) is to enhance the cooperation in the area of migration and asylum between the countries of the European Union, the Schengen Area, the Eastern Partnership, the Western Balkans, the Central Asia, Russia and Turkey, through the support for the implementation of the Prague Process and its Action Plan 2012–2016. The final beneficiaries of the project are the migration authorities from partners participating in the Prague Process.