Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

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Researcher for the Prague Process Migration Observatory

Posting Date:                                                  July 2023

Reference number:                                        CfE0723/Migration Researcher

Deadline for Applications:                             n/a

Duty Station:                                                  Home based

Contract Duration:                                         Any time throughout 2023-2027


Organisational overview

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation tasked with promoting innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies. With 20 Member States and over 70 projects active throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, ICMPD is a growing and ever-more relevant stakeholder in its field. The organisation’s greatest assets are its 400+ staff members, who personify its values of commitment, integrity, partnership, respect, and innovation in actions and decisions.

Project background

The Prague Process is a targeted migration dialogue and a policy process promoting migration partnerships among its participating countries across Europe, the Caucasus and Asia (see full list of countries-participants to the Process here). The current phase of the Process is defined by the priorities set out in the Prague Process Action Plan 2023-2027 and in the Ministerial Declaration of 2022.

In 2018, the Process launched its Migration Observatory that aims to provide impartial, evidence-based analysis from across the Prague Process region and in line with the six thematic areas of the Prague Process Action Plan. During the Ministerial Conference in 2022, the countries agreed to further expand the capacities of the Migration Observatory for the purpose of collecting data and providing reliable and comprehensive analysis for the use of the Prague Process Parties and Partners, including through improved crisis preparedness and foresight. Read more about the Prague Process on www.pragueprocess.eu  

Objective of the call

To inform policy-makers and migration practitioners and support evidence-based analysis, this call aims to identify short-term experts with excellent drafting skills and profound knowledge on migration topics and policy developments across the Prague Process region with a proven publication record. Identified experts will be invited to produce research on the jointly defined topics within the priority thematic areas – Irregular Migration, Return, Reintegration and Readmission, Labour Migration, as well as Asylum and International Protection. Assignments may also cover other relevant areas to capture the migration dynamics in the region or benefit targeted events organised within the Prague Process. The engagement of experts mobilised through this Call shall be considered for specific events or as part of the annual publication cycle of the Migration Observatory.


The Short-term Expert shall carry out the following tasks:

  • Propose a list of research topics in line with his/her regional and/or thematic expertise to be addressed within the Prague Process Migration Observatory;
  • After agreeing on a topic, provide a 1-2 page outline detailing the envisaged research;
  • Upon agreement, draft research papers following an established format (e.g. policy briefs; analytical reports; background notes) in English or Russian. The format and other guidance will be conveyed in advance.


The Short-term Expert shall complete the following deliverables:

  • Provide a list of research topics in line with the provisions of the Prague Process Action Plan 2023-2027 and relevant migration policy developments in the region (free format; not exceeding 5,000 characters without spaces);
  • Upon invitation on behalf of the Prague Process Secretariat Team, present a short outline introducing the specific sections and research questions of the envisaged output;
  • Draft a Policy brief/Analytical report/Background note depending on the final agreement between the expert and the Prague Process Secretariat (ICMPD).

The timeline for completion of the assignment will be agreed with the expert and should be adhered to with strict discipline. Any deviations from the schedule must be discussed with the project team earliest possible.

Reporting lines

The Expert will report to the Project Manager, who will be in charge of administrative and content related issues, providing feedback as needed.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Master’s degree or PhD in migration studies, international relations and/or development, peace and conflict studies, journalism, communications, economics, or related fields
  • At least five years of professional experience in writing and editing research papers targeting policy makers, academic experts and wider audience
  • Sound background knowledge on migration policies and wider migration context
  • Regional expertise (all or some of the following sub-regions/countries: Central Asia, the South Caucasus, Eastern Partnership, EU, Schengen associate countries, Western Balkans, Türkiye)
  • Excellent research and analytical skills, as well as drafting skills in English and/or Russian
  • Proven research record (preference will be given to candidates who published on migration)

Background information/documentation to be provided by ICMPD

  • Background information about the project
  • Templates pertaining to the task
  • Administrative documentation

Payment Information

The expert will be remunerated per output. Fees for the assignment are paid upon satisfactory delivery of services, in line with the payment schedule stated in the contract and upon submission of the required documentation.

Application Process

Interested experts should send their CV, a sample of their related work (e.g. publications), as well as the list of research topics according to their regional and thematic expertise and in line with the provisions of the Prague Process Action Plan 2023-2027 with a reference to this announcement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please be informed that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The assignment is subject to availability of project funds and final approval by the donor. The invitation to an interview does not establish any right to future employment.