Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

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Prague Process Quarterly Review October-December 2022

Throughout 2022, the Prague Process Quarterly Review attempted to cover the key migration developments observed across the Prague Process region, however Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine stood out as a game changer. The unprecedented forced displacement from and within Ukraine, as well as other migration dynamics resulting from the war have been in the focus of our work. The ongoing fighting and continued Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure may further intensify displacement, aggravate the gripping humanitarian crisis and increase the pressure on hosting communities both inside and outside Ukraine. The war has also forced hundred thousands of Russians opposing the regime’s political agenda or subject to military mobilisation to leave their country.

At the same time, this year saw the fourth Prague Process Ministerial Conference. This flagship event resulted in the endorsement of the Ministerial Declaration and Action Plan 2023-2027 paving the way to the future. In a next step, a survey among all participating states shall identify the priority areas within the new Action Plan that the Prague Process shall tackle as of 2023.

This last Quarterly Review of the year presents the latest Prague Process events and outcomes while also introducing a newly launched project assisting Ukrainian consular offices. The issue also provides a statistical overview of key changes observed over the past decade, a brief description of Germany’s migration policy reform and the European Commission’s new Action Plan to curb irregular migration across the Western Balkans. Finally, our reading recommendations feature a new analytical report assessing the situation of internally displaced persons in Ukraine. 

The issue is available for download in English and Russian.

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