Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

Return and reintegration programs provide travel and post-arrival assistance for migrants returning from a country of temporary residence to a country of origin. These programs are not always commonplace in migration management, with some countries preferring to manage departures and any associated departure assistance under general border security functions. In the last eighteen months, the number of return and reintegration programs has doubled in Prague Process non-EU participating states. High-level responses to migration flows are encouraging neighbouring or like-minded countries to find common ground for cooperation and networking for these programs. Some of these programs have the potential to function as part of a broader regional network. Mapping the existence and functionality of these programs provides a starting point for more specific dialogue and action within the Prague Process and beyond.

This new Policy Brief examines the existence and function of return and reintegration programs in Prague Process non-EU member states. Whereas the existence of return and reintegration programs in EU member states is, as a general statement, more common and established, locating information on these programs across the non-EU Prague Process states varies in difficulty, mainly because some countries have official return and reintegration programs, while others absorb return and reintegration functions into existing enforcement or compliance programs.

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