Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

This is the last issue of the Quarterly Review in 2021. Throughout the year, the Review covered a wide range of migration policies, dynamics, events and other issues informing our migration debates. Some concerned legislative amendments that will drive and define migration in the coming years. Others covered developments and trends across the Prague Process region and their possible implications. The Review also reported important milestones of the Prague Process: events and publications, the launch of the e-learning Platform and the first steps towards the Prague Process’ new political mandate to be granted by the Ministerial Conference in October 2022.

In this issue, we focus on the most recent Prague Process events and outcomes, while also sharing a few messages on migration that will remain largely valid in the future. What we observe today is a world that is increasingly dynamic, uncertain and complex. The mere complexity of ongoing developments, fuelled by the persisting coronavirus pandemic, can blur the vision and increase isolationist approaches within the migration policy landscape. In such challenging times, the best strategy might be to stay in touch and learn from each other. The Prague Process remains our joint platform for enduring cooperation and dialogue - in good and bad times.

We cannot but hope to greet you again in 2022. For now, we wish you a peaceful holiday season! Stay healthy and enjoy the read!

The issue is available for download in English and Russian.

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