Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

The 3rd Core Group meeting took place on 24 June 2014: the participants gathered together in Warsaw this time

The 3rd Core Group meeting started with the working session on future projects implementing the Prague Process Action Plan 2012-2016. Mr Radim Zak, Prague Process Coordinator (ICMPD), made a presentation of the analysis of answers received to the Questionnaire and of the states’ priorities for concrete actions within PP TI. The following presentation made by Ms Agnieszka Kulesa, Project Coordinator (Ministry of Interior, Poland) was dedicated to the outputs of the Result Oriented Monitoring of PP TI. The two presentations were concluded by the session of questions and answers, as well the discussion. After that the PP TI leading states dwelled on the current projects and new project proposals.

The afternoon session was focused on the Senior Officials’ Meeting preparation discussion. The SOM will take place in Berlin from 28 to 29 October 2014. In his presentation Mr Radim Zak emphasised the main developments and expected results of the PP TI, highlighting the activities within Objective 1 and Objective 2. The participants got an overview of the results of the second phase of the mapping exercise and the topics covered and untouched within the Action Plan 2012 – 2016.Before summarising the results of the meeting, Ms Agnieszka Kulesa introduced the draft agenda and the expected results of the Senior Officials’ Meeting and informed the states about the preparation for the SOM.

The agenda of the 3rd Core Group meeting is available in English and Russian.