Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

The sixth Prague Process webinar 'Migration and the Platform Economy' with Glen Hodgson, Founder and CEO of the Independent Think Tank Free Trade Europa, took place on 10 September 2020.

The webinar looked at the perspectives that the platform economy could provide to migrants. Not only can it help in turning black jobs white and integrating migrants into host country labour forces but also in addressing the respective labour market demand. Many researchers agree that the majority of jobs will be freelance and plat­form-based within a few years. Appropriate action shall, therefore, ensure that third-country nationals are not locked in a technology-facilitated parallel economy, which leads to unstable incomes, limited training and social isolation. The webinar was based on the recently published policy brief "Migration and the Platform Economy" authored by Glen Hodgson.

The webinar recording is available in two formats: the first contains the presentation of Glen Hodgson only while the second one represents the full-length video recording of the webinar, entailing also the Q&A session.

To watch the shorter version, please go here

To watch the full-length video, please go here

About the speaker

With over twenty years’ experience in communications, public affairs and lobbying, Glen is the founder of the think tank Free Trade Europa, which focuses on promoting free trade, openness and the rule of law within the European Union and internationally. He worked for the European institutions, governments, blue-chip international companies, start-ups and NGOs as a lobbyist, strategist and communications advisor. Glen is a respected commentator on European affairs and a frequent presenter at European policy events.

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