Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

Tbilisi, 9 October 2013 The Third Pilot Project 3 Expert-Level Workshop on Circular Migration took place in Tbilisi on 9 October 2013 and gathered participants from 12 Prague Process states, the European Commission and European Training Foundation, as well as international and non-governmental organizations including ICMPD, IOM, and People in Need Foundation.   The aim of the 3rd Pilot Project 3 Workshop was to give an overview of the preliminary findings reached under the Pilot, introduce current initiatives and good practices linked to Circular Migration and discuss the content and structure of the Joint Handbook on Labour and Circular Migration envisaged under Pilot Projects 2 and 3. Attention was also given to the issue of skills recognition, as put forward in the Prague Process Action Plan, endorsed during the 2nd Ministerial Conference in Poznan.    The first session introduced participants to current national policies and ways forward in addressing Circular Migration. It thus provided an overview of the findings resulting from the individual answers given to the PP3 questionnaire as well as practical recommendations on how to move forward. Selected countries presented their experiences in more detail.The second session looked into the experiences made and lessons learnt within various initiatives in the Prague Process region, before focusing on the recognition of migrants’ skills and qualifications. This was done by looking into two significant studies, namely on “Recognition of competences and qualifications of migrants” by IOM and ETF’s “Understanding the dynamics between migration and human capital: Comparative results of the ETF’s migration surveys in Armenia, Georgia and Morocco”. As the presentations sparked up lively and interesting discussions, the participants due to time constraints agreed that the content and structure of the Joint Handbook on Labour and Circular Migration envisaged under Pilot Projects 2 and 3 will be covered by the next workshop.The meeting report is available in English and Russian. The Agenda of the workshop can be downloaded in English and Russian:Agenda ENAgenda RUThe presentations made during the workshop: Mr Alexander Maleev, ICMPD, Preliminary findings of the PP3 questionnaire and follow-up thereof Mr Markus Sperl, European Commission, EC funded projects on Circular Migration: Lessons learnt and ways forward Mr Erik Reho, Swedish Migration Board, Circular migration policy in SwedenMs Anna Platonova, IOM, Recognition of competences and qualifications of migrantsMs Ummuhan Bardak, European Training Foundation, Skills dimension of labour migration in Armenia and Georgia: EFT survey results