Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

Since June 2018 the Prague Process Secretariat had an opportunity to get impressions and interview experts, trainers and participants of the Training Academy and Migration Observatory meetings. Today we are happy to share the result of this work and invite you to watch a set of video clips availiable under Resources.

The first Research Coordination Meeting organised in Vienna at the end of June 2018 brought together experts from the non-EU Prague Process participanting states, who shared their opinions on policy and reserach in the migration sphere in the individual states, as well as in the region.

Watch the videos made during this meeting:

At the occasion of the Advanced Training on High-Quality Asylum Procedures held in Rome on 5-7 June 2018 a number of trainers and participants reflected upon the issue of credibility assessment, and shed the light on the recent developments in the asyluym area on the national level.

Finally, we asked participants of the Workshop on Migration Data held in Skopje in October 2018 about the role of media in shaping the discourse on migration,  recent migration developments, migration data collection and the respective role of the Prague Process. Check the video to see what they answered.