Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

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17 February 2021


This is the video recording of the Prague Process Policy Talk 'From COVID-19 to the EU’s Pact on Migration and Asylum' with Mr Jean-Louis De Brouwer, Director of the European Affairs Program, Egmont Institute, and Mr Ralph Genetzke, Director, Head of Brussels Mission, ICMPD. The talk was moderated by Mr Martijn Pluim, Director, Migration Dialogues and Cooperation at ICMPD and took place on 28 January 2021.

The distinguished panellists discussed the key migration policies to watch in 2021, focusing on the EU and its neighbourhood. Building on the main lessons from 2020, they looked into the various implications of COVID-19 on migration and mobility, trying to sketch out the ‘new normal’ following an eventual recovery from the ongoing health emergency. The internal and external dimensions of the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum was assessed from an international cooperation perspective. The conversation shed light on the megatrends of climate change and digitalisation.

About the Speakers

Jean-Louis De Brouwer joined the Egmond Institute in 2019, after retiring from the European Commission where, as a director, he was successively in charge of immigration, asylum, visas and border policies (DG Justice and Home Affairs), the implementation of the EU2020 agenda and employment policies (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) and humanitarian aid operations and policies (DG European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations).

Ralph Genetzke, Director and Head of ICMPD's Brussels Mission has an excellent knowledge of the EU institutions and the external dimension of EU migration and asylum policies. He also carries out trainings on these topics.

Martijn Pluim, Director of Migration Dialogues and Cooperation, is in charge of the migration dialogues supported by ICMPD as well as most of the projects implemented by ICMPD.


The Policy Talk was organised by the Prague Process Secretariat at ICMPD