Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

Anti-trafficking in Human Beings

Elena Petreska

ICMPD / Anti-trafficking specialist

Elena Petreska is Anti-Trafficking Specialist at the ICMPD Anti-Trafficking Programme. Over the past 12 years, she has been involved in various anti-trafficking projects, aiming to enhance the transnational cooperation on trafficking cases, build capacities and support national authorities in developing their anti-trafficking response. Elena is also conducting qualitative research in various ICMPD initiatives


Madis Vainomaa

ICMPD / Anti-trafficking expert

Mr. Madis Vainomaa is a Project Manager and anti-trafficking expert with the ICMPD. Madis is a lawyer by profession and holds a master’s degree in international business law with altogether over 15 years of professional experience in human rights protection issues, combating trafficking in human beings and irregular migration, protection of rights of refugees and IDPs, monitoring and investigating human rights issues, conducting human rights assessments, reporting and monitoring, improving the institutional capacities to address human rights issues. Before joining the ICMPD Madis worked for a decade with the OSCE in the Western Balkans, followed by a period of five years of independent consultancies with international organisations (UN, OSCE, ILO) on issues of countering human trafficking, including human rights in the context of human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, refugee and displacement issues, in setting up institutional mechanisms to tackle human trafficking (NRM/TRM, state-CSO co-ordination mechanism). He has been conducting field work and assessments on sensitive matters in challenging environments such as in Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine. He has recently completed managing a 3-year EUR 2.9 million EC-funded Project “Fight against Trafficking I Human Beings and Organized Crime, Phase 2”, covering Azerbaijan, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova, Turkey, Pakistan. Madis is currently providing expert advice and capacity-building to selected beneficiary countries’ authorities (Western Balkan, Central Asia, Ghana, Jordan) and the civil society in supporting the set-up and improvement of victim-centred NRM. Madis speaks fluent English and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and a working level Russian.

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