Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

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03 December 2018


This study describes the geographic and political characteristics of six regional migration dialogues and maps how they have addressed the inter-linkages between migration and development up until 2013. The analysis of the Budapest Process, Migration in the EuroMed Partnership, the Migration, Mobility and Employment Partnership (MME), the Mediterranean Transit Migration Dialogue (MTM), the Prague Process and the Euro-African Intergovernmental Dialogue on Migration and Development (Rabat Process) shows that migration and development has started to regularly feature on the agenda. The degree to which the respective dialogues have integrated the concept in their frameworks varies and participating states still have some way to go to substantially integrate development concerns in the debates. Since these dialogues are primarily driven by ministries responsible for migration, the study suggests that the inclusion of stakeholders with know-how in other public policy domains would support a better understanding of the migration-development nexus and lead to better policy responses. Opening up technical meetings and working groups to other actors, such as development officials, civil society organisations, including diaspora associations, and the private sector would be a first step towards a more comprehensive take on the complex global phenomenon that migration is.


Malin Frankenhaeuser (Ed.), Martin Hofmann / Marion Noack / Bernhard Perchinig International Centre for Migration Policy Development