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07 December 2018

Migration Profiles

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Migration Profile (hereinafter: BiH Migration Profile) resulted from the need to establish a mechanism for gathering statistical data on migration and international protection, a system for processing migration statistics, and a system for timely and adequate reporting on migration flows in BiH. The aim of this document is to provide the BiH Council of Ministers with an insight into key migration trends, and the Ministry of Security with the possibility of developing adequate policies and adopting relevant regulations. This document also provides international organisations active in the field of migration with a more comprehensive insight into migration trends in BiH.

The annually updated BiH Migration Profile fulfils a commitment from the Visa Liberalisation Road Map presented by the European Commission to BiH authorities in June 2008.

The data submitted by institutions and agencies underwent quantitative and qualitative analysis. Annual reports from individual institutions and agencies were used as additional 5 sources of qualitative information needed for the purpose of interpreting migration statistics and trends. Quantitative and qualitative data processing was performed for the major migration flows in the past 10‐year period, i.e. from 2003 to 2012, and comparative indicators were defined for all migration flows for the period of 2011 and 2012. The BiH Migration Profile for the year 2012 was compiled based on the processed and analysed available data.

The BiH Migration Profile for the year 2012 contains the following data: visas, refusal of entry and illegal border crossings, temporary and permanent residence of foreign nationals, illegal migration and measures undertaken against foreign nationals, return of irregular migrants, international protection (asylum), work permits issued to foreign nationals, granting of BiH citizenship, emigration from BiH, BiH immigration policy, legal and institutional framework.


The Analysis, Strategic Planning, Surveillance and Training Unit of the Sector for Immigration at the Ministry of Security is tasked with producing the Migration Profile, compiling migration statistics, processing data and developing reports for various 8 purposes. It should be noted that the Unit requires further development in terms of its capacities for monitoring migration flows and producing specialist analyses and reports in the field of immigration, as well as in defining migration policy in line with relevant standards and the needs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.