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07 December 2018

Migration Profiles

The extended Migration Profile of Ukraine has been prepared by Ukrainian and international experts, specialists of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, and other ministries and agencies concerned, within the framework of the EU funded ILO project “Effective Governance of Labour Migration and its Skills Dimensions”. It aims to equip officials and the public at large with as full and diverse as possible information on migration processes and migration policy in Ukraine. The up-to-date migration situation is presented in the Profile as a result of its evolution during the independence period, i.e. after the year 1991, fateful to Ukraine. Drafting of the Profile used state and departmental statistics, data from international organizations, population survey results, national and foreign analytical materials, and scientists’ works.

Sections A and B provides an overview of the socio -economic situation in Ukraine , considered the factors that influenced international migration.

Sections C and D are devoted to the analysis of the migration situation , the dynamics of migration , volume, composition and nature of migration flows. It provides data on Ukrainian diaspora abroad, remittances of migrants to their homeland , as well as estimates of the migration situation in the future.

Section E focuses attention on the features and the specific problems of Ukraine in the field of migration
and its political interests and priorities.

Section F provides an overview of migration policies and laws of Ukraine, responsible institutions. Section G The effect of migration and migration policy on the development of the state.

Section H provides recommendations on improving migration management in Ukraine .


The report is result of teamwork, involving Mrs. Olena Malynovska, ILO National Consultant, Mr. Oleksii Pozniak, Migration Research Department Head of the Institute of Demography and Studies of Ukraine, Mrs. Natalia Popova, ILO DWT/CO Senior Employment Specialist, Mr. Francesco Panzica, ILO International Consultant, and Mrs. Tetyana Minenko, ILO National Project Coordinator.