Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

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03 December 2018

Migration Profiles

In December 2015 the State Commission on Migration Issues (SCMI) adopted a Medium Migration Profile (MMP). MMP was elaborated with the active participation of all its member state agencies and the support of the EU-funded project on “Enhancing Migration Management in Georgia (ENIGMMA), implemented by International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).

The goal of MMP is to foster evidence-based policy-making in the country and it covers all major aspects of migratory processes as well as its impact on Georgia’s demography, economy and social cohesion. Since then, MMP proved to serve as a valuable source of migration related data and analysis both for local and international institutions and researchers. To further improve migration policy development and management in the country, in May 2016 SCMI elaborated guidelines for the development of Medium and Brief Migration Profiles that provide advice on how to structure the working process as well as data sources, structure and content of the migration profiles. Brief Migration Profile (BMP) is a logical extension of MMP, but unlike MMP, is devoted to the exploration of only one migration-related aspect using data visualizations and info-graphics. Present BMP is devoted to the analysis of incoming remittances volume during the last 6 years (2010-2015) - how they are utilized by remittance-receiving households and provides a set of recommendations aimed at both: improving remittance-related research and maximization of remittance impact on local and national levels.


State Commission on Migration Issues (SCMI). The document also relies on the inputs of the European Union (EU) program “More for More” implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), International Organization for Migration (IOM) as well as the National Bank of Georgia.