Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

With the aim to present complex migration data in a more accessible, understandable and user-friendly format, the following Visualisations related to the Prague Process region have been prepared since 2009.


Migration from Eastern Partnership Countries, Central Asia and Russia to the EU and EFTA

The poster "Migration from Eastern Partnership Countries, Central Asia and Russia to the EU and EFTA" offers a visualisation of legal migration and residence of non-EU citizens in EU countries based on Eurostat data covering the period 2008-2012.

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Overview of the new Russian Migration Policy 2014

The infographic ‘Overview of the new Russian migration policy 2014’ presents the main changes in the migration policy of the Russian Federation. Four sections of the poster offer an overview of the situation in the most relevant spheres of migration, including a presentation of the State Concept of Migration Policy of the Russian Federation until 2025 and possible future scenarios.

In particular, the topics labour migration, integration, tackling of irregular immigration, return and naturalisation receive specific attention when both observed trends and state policy responses are summarised. The State Concept of Migration Policy of the Russian Federation 2012-2025 represents a comprehensive document of strategic importance that defines and further elaborates state policies in relevant fields; the Concept represents timely response to demographic, economic and other challenges that the country is going to face in future. The visualisation of possible scenarios and developments includes potential consequences for Russia itself, other countries in region, and the EU.

The infographic provides with a visualisation of the complex analysis of the situation and trends that were summarised in the ICMPD Working Paper No. 7: Changing Migration Realities: Why Migration between the EU, Russia and the Eastern Neighbourhood Will Change, which was published in October 2014 and is based on the knowledge collected by ICMPD, the European-Russian Integration Standards project (ERIS) and the Prague Process Targeted Initiative Objective 2 – Knowledge base.


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Overview of the new Russian Migration Policy (2014) EN, RU


Building Migration Partnerships" Map on Irregular Migration Routes

The „Building Migration Partnerships“ Map on Illegal Migration Routes was developed within the framework of the Building Migration Partnerships (BMP) initiative in 2009-2011. At the time of its development the Map represented a step towards development of an interactive electronic database on migration flows between countries-parties to the BMP Joint Declaration, which participate in the Prague Process.


The purpose of this tool was to serve migration authorities by visualising the main illegal migration flows and migration hubs as well as the main border crossing points and the border sections most susceptible to be used for illegal migration from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe to Central, Western and Southern Europe. This Map, developed in 2010 and updated in 2011, was mainly based on information contained in the latest editions of the ICMPD “Yearbook on Illegal Migration, Human Smuggling and Trafficking in Central and Eastern Europe”. Additionally, various sources provided by Europol, Frontex, Interpol and relevant EU bodies have been used. The information contained is not and cannot be exhaustive. 

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Central and East European view (2010) EN, RU

Eurasian view (2011) EN, RU

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