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07 декабря 2018

Миграционные профили

The Migration Profile Light has been developed in 2013 based on the feedback received from the Prague Process participating states aiming to strengthen the Prague Process Knowledge base with the useful tool consisting of state-owned migration profiles with standard and comparable data categories. In comparison to the Extended Migration Profile, which from its name indicates that the information should be of thorough and detailed nature, the Migration Profile Light is a handy tool with a limited number of pages clearly indicating the areas of interest.


The text of the Migration Profile Light on Turkmenistan has been prepared by the Secretariat of the Prague Process based on the available public sources. The text was forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan on 1 February 2016 for consideration, comments or approval. In anticipation of reply, this version is published as a draft. The draft is a consultation document and cannot be considered as reflecting the official position of the country.