Укрепляя сотрудничество между государствами Пражского процесса

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15 февраля 2019


This Policy brief aims to analyse the 2017-2021 Strategy for Migration Policy of the Republic of Armenia and its Action Plan, identifying the challenges, gaps and obstacles for their implementation, and providing possible solutions in this regard. Taking into consideration the recent changes in the Armenian Government, the new approaches, challenges and solutions in the migration field have also been considered in the Policy brief.

The document will look into Armenia’s overall experience in the development of migration policy documents and assess the new priority areas set out in the Migration strategy and it’s Action Plan for 2017-2021. Finally, it also provides an insight into recent and future migration challenges that should be further considered. The findings, new knowledge gained and recommendations proposed will be useful for the stakeholders involved in migration policy development.


Haykanush Chobanyan, State Migration Service of Armenia. This publication was produced in the framework of the ‘Prague Process: Dialogue, Analyses and Training in Action’ initiative, a component of the Mobility Partnership Facility II project, with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the author and the 'Prague Process: Dialogue, Analyses and Training in Action’ initiative, and can in no way represent the views of the European Union.