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Country: Maastricht University/ Expert on Labour Migration

Ms. Lisa Andersson is a research fellow and a member of the Migration and Development group at Maastricht Graduate School of Governance/UNU-MERIT. Her current research focuses on migration management and the migration-development nexus. Lisa has in the past eight years managed large-scale migration and development projects at the OECD, Maastricht University and the University of Gothenburg. Her work has focused on interrelations between public policies and migration, the economic impact of refugees on host communities, and the wellbeing impacts of migration and remittances in countries of origin. Her work has included a collection of quantitative and qualitative migration data in a large number of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. She regularly conducts capacity building trainings with policymakers in developing countries. Lisa holds a PhD in Development Economics from the University of Gothenburg. 


Located in: Labour migration