Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

About the course

Integrated Border Management

The present distance learning tool (e-tool) was developed with assistance of the European Union in the framework of the project ‘’Eastern Partnership (EaP)- Integrated Border Management Flagship Initiative Training Project “ (EaP IBM FIT).

The e-tool has been updated in the framework of the project “Eastern Partnership cooperation in the fights against irregular migration – Supporting the implementation of the Prague Process Action Plan’’ (EaP-SIPPAP), with the overall objective to contribute to strategic and operational cooperation in the Eastern Partnership region in area of cross-border crimes prevention with a special focus on irregular migration as well as specific objectives:

  • To enhance bi- and multilateral international cooperation between EU-EaP and EaP-EaP countries in line with existing border management concepts;
  • To improve national inter-agency cooperation in the participating countries in line with existing border management concepts;
  • To improve training programme in the national migration/law enforcement training institutions in the EaP countries.

The e-tool provides an opportunity to pursue self-paced learning on the following topics:

  • Integrated Border Management in the EU and EU External Cooperation
  • Document Integrity and Security, Detection of Forgeries and Imposter Recognition
  • Risk Analysis
  • Detection of Drugs and Smuggled Cigarettes / Tobacco Products
  • Combating Trafficking in Human Beings
  • Fight Against Corruption

Each of the above chapters contains theoretical part and quiz section.

The e-tool could be used by a variety of users, including training institutions, on-job training within the law enforcement agencies, as well as a tool for the individual further learning of the officers.

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