Enhancing cooperation among the Prague Process states

General Information


32.387.200 (World Bank 2017)

32.656.700 (STAT UZ 2018)


1.159.190  (UN Immigration Stock 2017)

157.149 (STAT UZ 2017)


1.991.941 (UN Emigration Stock 2017)

177.700 (STAT UZ 2017)

Working-age population

19.610.100 (STAT UZ 2017)

21.876.451 (World Bank 2017)


Unemployment rate

5.2% (ILO 2018)

5.8%  (STAT UZ 2017)



49.677 bn, current prices (World Bank 2017)

199.325 bn, current prices UZS (STAT UZ 2016)

Refugees and IDPs


21 (UN Refugee Stock 2017)

Stateless Persons:

85.555 (UN Staless Persons Stock 2017)



By Birth: No

By Descent: Yes

Dual Citizenship: No

Years of Residency: 5





447.400 km² (CIA World Factbook)


Migration Authorities

Responsible Minister

Sherzod Qudbiyev

  • Agency for External Labour Migration



The main countries of destination for labour migrants are Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the USA, South Korea, and the countries of the Middle East. According to the 2015 official data of the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the number of immigrants totalled 145.300 persons; the number of emigrants totalled 183.8000 persons. The balance of migration amounted to -38,500 persons in 2015 (- 34.000 in 2013). The main migration exchange takes place between the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The migration to the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan has a circular and seasonal component.

The government of Uzbekistan envisages the management of labour migration via a system of public employment bodies. The Agency for External Labour Migration of the Ministry of Labour and Social Employment of Population provides for the organised transfer of labour migrants abroad. The government as an intermediary charges a fee for conclusion of a contract.